Mal 3:6  For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Consider the authority of God. God reminds Israel of His unchanging nature. They are reminded of His unchanging provision for their needs. Whether it were bread from heaven, water from a rock, or deliverance from bondage. Whatever they had need of would be provided because God made a covenant with Abraham 2,000 years ago and based the covenant, not on Israel’s conduct, but on God’s own faithfulness. He had made Abraham fall asleep, then God Himself walked through the parted sacrifice so that He ALONE was the foundation of the covenant. As a result of this ongoing faithfulness of God Israel became callous and lukewarm in their respect and obedience to God’s Sovereign place in their daily life. God then shockingly reminds them of His holiness and power. He, in essence, tells them, “I change not, take heart in that truth ye Sons of Jacob. However, if I did change, if I ever would change, you would be the first subject of My vengeance!” How soul-shaking is that truth. God does not take our casual and carnal living lightly. He sent His Son to die for us then empowered us with His Holy Spirit. He made a covenant with us as he did with Israel. It is an unconditional covenant wherein He promised to never leave us nor forsake us. But, because of our carnal and casual life, if He ever decided to change we might very well be the first object of His wrath. God is a good God, a loving God, a provisional, forgiving, and longsuffering God. Serve Him today in the manner His nature demands!