God Doesn’t Respond the Same Way Every Time

Acts12:6, 10-11,13-14, 16

As you read and meditate on these passages you become awed at the power and intimate concern God has for His children. When there is a need that truly is a need God moves heaven to help earth. Peter was doing the will of God and suffered imprisonment for it. James had been killed shortly before and now Peter was the next in line. Herod saw it pleased the Jews to get rid of these people that were turning the world upside down. The night before he would be executed, most likely by the sword, God dispatched one of His angels who caused a deep sleep (evidently) to fall upon the soldiers stationed on either side of Peter. He then unlocked the shackles and caused another deep sleep (evidently) to fall upon the keepers of the gate.  Peter needed to be set free quickly for his life was at stake. When in this moment of great need God performed the miraculous and opened the gates of a well guarded prison.

Fast forward a few minutes and we find Peter at the gate of John Mark’s home. The door was locked.  Here was an escaped prisoner standing in the street unable to find shelter in a friend’s home. A friend came to the door but left him standing outside and she ran to tell the others (who had been praying for his release…evidently). In verse 16 you find that Peter (continuing to knock) is stranded outside. If God could open the gates of a militarily reinforced prison with guards at each ward certainly He could open the simple gate at a person’s home. So, why didn’t He? The lesson to be taken away from this observation is that God is not locked into how He responds to similar situations in your life. However, never forget this…although God does not do things the same way every time, yet He ‘doeth all things well!’ When you cannot track God you can always trust Him.