God’s Control Over Trials

Psa 105:16  Moreover he called for a famine upon the land: he brake the whole staff of bread.

Here is a verse that causes us to take note of the difficult times that visit every life. God has just revealed both His love and ownership of Israel. He had let it be known that no one was to touch Israel. The enemies of God cursed Israel at their own peril. But then something happens. God, Himself, brings about a famine upon the very people He would not allow others to harm. We find here a wonderful truth that, as with Job (Job 1), God does not prevent trials from visiting His people but He does control those trials. We are therefore taught that all that comes into our life has first passed through the loving and protective grace of God. When you are facing seemingly indescribable events and circumstances that simply cannot be explained, know that God has protected you from the Wicked One but has allowed this valley to help you at length. Be encouraged and know that God both sees and hears you and therefore is working on your behalf. God is for you!