In Your Father’s Eyes!

In Your Father’s Eyes!

Ephesians 1:3-14

There is not a child born sans a desire to please his father.  

I can remember clearly a young man neglected and rejected by his biological father who was a repeat offender and imprisoned during much of the boy’s early life.  And yet, in the face of such rejection the boy continued to seek his father’s approval.

Grown men have harbored deep sadness as their life passes without their father’s affirmation.  It is innate in a child’s heart to own an intense desire for the approval of their father.  We need to know how our Father views us.

In our text Paul begins his letter to the church at Ephesus with a series of blessings that are the joy of believers as a result of Christ’s finished work on the Cross of Calvary. Here is that list:

1. Blessed with all spiritual blessings

2. Chosen to be holy and without blame

3. Adopted as His children

4. Accepted in the Beloved

5. Forgiveness of sin

6. Access to the grace of wisdom and prudence

7. Knowledge of the mystery of God’s will

8. A secured future with the saints of all ages

9. A spiritual inheritance

10. Ability to glorify God

11. Sealed with the Holy Spirit

12. Confident awaiting for the completed redemption

What stands out when reviewing these verses is the repeated mention of Christ.  12xs in 11 verses Christ is priority.   What we learn is that except for Christ we would have none of these blessings. Though we should be rejected, yet in God’s eyes, because of Christ, we could’t be better. 

Though, today, you are far from what you ought to be take time to rejoice in how you look in the Father’s Eyes!  You need not busy yourself seeking your Father’s approval for you already have it because of Christ.  Rejoice in how you look in your Father’s Eyes!