It’s Not JUST You

It’s Not JUST You

Genesis 4:5 But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell. 

Its another day!  Our job is to rejoice and be glad in it.  Today is another opportunity to present a sacrifice to the Lord.  We are told that our daily life is to be lived in a manner that it is an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.  So as you move into your day let this be the occupying thought in our mind.  By keeping sacrificial living in the forefront of our mind it places us in a proper position to live a life acceptable to God.

Cain failed in this area.  Most treatments of Cain’s sacrifice focuses on the sacrifice which is not an incorrect approach.  However, it is only half the story.  You’ll notice in our text that God had not respect to the offering — that is true — but we are also told that God had no respect for Cain either.  That provides us great counsel as to how we should protect our hearts.  The greatest of offerings presented to the Lord fall flat when presented by an ill-prepared heart.  How you prepare yourself to walk through this day is critical as to how your presentation to the Lord will be received.  Do not take lightly how you interact with others, what you post in your social media, that attitude you take into different appointments today as they are areas critical to your fellowship with the Lord.

It is certain that believers can become complacent in our daily walk.  We are told by Paul that our life is actually not our life but the Christ Life.  How you approach the events that greet you today should be responded to in a manner that affirms you are living the Christ-life.  For instance, when someone attacks you today by accusation or confrontation plan now how you will respond.  When Christ was attacked, ridiculed, or scorned He did not answer in kind.  He confronted the lies but with an absence of malice.  This is your example.

So, today make it your goal that come the setting of the sun or the pillowing of your head you will have lived today in a fashion that your life can be presented with both its offering and its offerer on good standing with God.