Lakeshore Jubilee

What is the Lakeshore Jubilee?

January 2006 found Pastor Spencer accepting an invitation from a pastor friend in KY to attend the Gateway Jubilee, Spartanburg, SC which was under the leadership of Pastor Ray Stewart at that time. A warm, welcoming, and exciting spirit coursed through the meetings each night. As a result Pastor Spencer returned the succeeding 3 years and was greeted by the same spirit. A burden began to grow for the people ‘up north’ to have access to the same type of meeting. No agendas, no soap boxes or hobby horses, just sound, solid, and exciting Baptist preaching. 2009 was the first Lakeshore Jubilee.  Pastor Spencer sought the assistance of Broadway Baptist Church, Muskegon to work with Lighthouse Baptist of Holland, MI to sponsor the meetings. We have done so every year since and a warm and brotherly spirit now connects the two congregations. The Jubilee spirit is anticipated and found each year by those that choose to attend. Our goal is to encourage the preachers and their people with an end, one day soon, to be able to supply all the housing and food needs of visiting pastors, evangelists, and missionaries. Mark your calendar for the 2nd MONDAY OF JUNE EACH YEAR and come join us at the LAKESHORE JUBILEE!!

2020 Services…

Sunday Morning
Sunday Night
Monday Night
Tuesday Night, Part 1
Tuesday Night, Part 2
Wednesday Night
Thursday Night
Friday Night

Services from Previous Years…

Below are several videos of Jubilee services from previous years, and links to many more. Enjoy!

June 9, 2019 (Sunday School) Lakeshore Jubilee

June 9, 2019 (AM Service) Lakeshore Jubilee

June 9, 2019 (PM Service) Lakeshore Jubilee

June 10, 2019 Lakeshore Jubilee

June 13, 2019 Lakeshore Jubilee

June 14, 2019 Lakeshore Jubilee