The Gathering of the Redeemed

Acts 2:42-47

In this text we are introduced to the dynamic and exploding local church. The Holy Spirit has just empowered the witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and thousands are turning from their sin to salvation. For centuries they had been taught to look for the coming Messiah and now many are seeing that He has come and set them at liberty from their sins. Before their salvation they were commanded to attend the synagogue as the meeting place for those living in expectation of the coming Messiah. Now that they have believed that He has come they must have a new group with whom to meet. This new group is called the local church. All who have faith in Christ as their only hope for forgiveness are expected to submit themselves to the authority of the NT local church. In doing so the local church then becomes the central processing and distribution point for all their Christian walk. Any believer that does not join themselves to a local NT church is not in right standing with God. The Bible tells us that Jesus died for the local church and then informs us we are to make it an habitual practice of attending it. Of course the church is not a building but a gathering. When God’s people meet together God expects all those members to be in attendance. When the church has something going on, the church members are all expected to make that event a priority in their life. How different might things have been had not Joseph and Mary been devoted followers of the Lord? Had they not frequented the Temple? How different might Zacharias’ had been had he not performed his duties in the temple that day? God has a plan for all believers in the Saviour and it begins, continues, and ends with the local church. Honor the local church.  Support it with your attendance, finances, and prayers. Thank God for the local church!