These Times Cry Out for People of Integrity

Pro 20:7  The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

In times like these we are given a great opportunity to display the character of Christ. I could actually say this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We cannot let it pass without putting the Lord’s stamp on it. Solomon is commonly held to be the wisest man aside from the Lord Jesus Christ. In training his son he wrote to him of the essential quality of integrity. Integrity means that one is honest, trustworthy, and a promise keeper. How you conduct yourself today will blaze a trail for those following behind you. What do you want those you influence to think about you and your relationship with God? Is God untrustworthy? Does God keep His word? Is God honest? Again, the word integrity carries the idea one can be trusted to speak honestly and carry out the promises he makes. We are confronted each day during this pandemic with ‘truths’ that suddenly become ‘untruths’ with the wave of a hand or the turn of phrase. Politicians and virologists lose our confidence because they do not tell us the truth or give us the information behind their guidance. They always leave themselves wiggle room so that they cannot be held accountable for their teaching and guidance. Today ensure you walk in integrity.  Those around you need to be able to have confidence that you will not lie to them and that you will keep your promises made to them. Those around you are watching and learning from your actions so beware. Your good name can be destroyed in an instant.