world evangelization

At Lighthouse, we believe the Gospel of Christ to be central to life, therefore it is our honor and pleasure to send and support missionaries to all parts of the globe. We support several missionaries in regions abroad and within the United States; some representative countries include, Japan, Liechtenstein, South Sudan, Colombia, Venezuela – we support men and women in parts of our own country such as Alaska, The Prison System and US. Military Missions. Let us not forget the bus ministry and the works and efforts of our evangelists, all who labor in the work of the Lord. We would like to invite you to help support these men and women on the front lines with the most valuable asset we have – prayer that reaches the ear of God the Father.


Jeff & Joyce Alverson - US Military

Peter & Sherrie Banfe - Burma

James & Abby Baxter - South Sudan

Jonathan & Ashley Beadles - Colombia

Tom & Jen Beham - Philippines

Daniel & Deana Brown - Liechtenstein

Dominic & Jackie Burkhard - Capitol Connection

Cynthia Castillo - Mexico City

Justin & Evelyn Cox - Venezuela

Casey & Hope Davis - India

Michael & Nora Deatrick - Solomon Islands

Terry & Peggy Ellis - US Prisons

Karie Ferguson - Ivory Coast

Zack & Stephanie Gerwitz - Brazil

Tom & Dottie Lancaster - US Military

Markos & Stephanie Lindsey - Peru

Blake & Haylee Muscott - Lifeline Baptist Seamen Ministry

Drew & Lori Needham - Church Builder

James & Cheri Ortiz - Bible Translation

Adam & Sarah Russell - Mexico

Chris & Laura Sanderlin - Cameroon

Tim & Missy Shook - Thailand

Tim & Christa Simmons - Uruguay

Matt & Amanda Smith - Colombia

Nathan & Deana Smoot - Alaska

Joshua & Kelly Stertz - Couriers for Christ

Duane & Shellee Wilhite - Japan

Michael & Brooke Williams - West Africa