Talk to Someone Today

Psa 119:27  Make me to understand the way of thy precepts: so shall I talk of thy wondrous works.  

Today is a wonderful opportunity to be used by God to help another.  God has created us to be social creatures.  We know that by two undeniable evidences.  First, God made more than one of us so that we could socialize and create societies as channels to develop and employ our innate desire to be with others.  Second, God created language.  Language can be for no other purpose than to communicate.  We are told that life and death are in the power of the tongue, therefore we are responsible for how we use the gift of language in relating to others.

Today God is going to bring folks across your path for the purpose of encouraging them, or helping them, or consoling them, or directing them.  Talking introduces excitement to life as we consider how to employ this wonderful talent.  Humans are the only creatures with this ability and with this ability comes responsibility.

James Madison posed this question, “Are we to be governed by reason and choice or by accident and force?”  His point is that we are to socialize and share our thoughts to the end that we can create good relationships that understand each others positions.  We will not always agree with each other and that is fine but we must talk with each other.  You have friends or loved ones that need to hear from you today.  Thoughts have been formulated between you and others that simply are not accurate but they have been formed due to a failure or refusal to talk through the matter.  There are those that feel abandoned or ostracized for no other reason than a failure to talk.  Feelings of loneliness, hurt, or rejection are all the offspring of the failure to talk.

We humans do not handle confrontation well and go out of our way to avoid person to person communication.  This is one reason for the billion dollar industry tied to social media or electronic communication.  People will much rather type than talk.  Today make it your purpose to talk to someone and experience the presence of God.  Let God use your voice more than your fingers today.