It’s a Dream Life!

Text: Psalm 126

Today is a great day to revisit the Dream Life you have received from God.  In our text the Psalmist describes the impact of being delivered from captivity.  This pictures the bondage you were in before calling upon Christ as your Only Hope for forgiveness from God.

Deliverance is like a dream.  The moment one is liberated from bondage it is so surreal it is like a dream.  We all have experienced dreams so precious we do not want to awaken from them which is why the metaphor is so effective!  The Psalmist wants to keep that wonder close to the hearts and minds of the readers.  Never get too far from your salvation moment.  Revisit it often enough to keep alive the effect it had on your life!

Liberation produces laughter.  It is reported the effect of the liberation of the soul brings about laughter and singing.  Putting truth to tunes is a beautiful way to minister to our spirit.  Paul confirmed this when he wrote “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

Freedom also produces gratitude toward God.  Notice in v2 the desired audience of the emancipated is the heathen.  You well remember upon salvation you wanted others to know.  You found yourself in the church house surrounded by those with that common experience but that was not enough.  You wanted the unsaved to know of your experience.  You were a beggar who had found the richest supply of food known to man and you wanted your former peers to share in your zest of joy.

The closing of this Psalm tells us the way to satisfy the zeal in our soul to tell others how to find this Dream Life.  First we must go forth, just like we did when we first came to Christ.  Then we must allow God to place a burden (“weepeth”) on our heart, a burden that will move us to help others.  Finally, we must have the precious seed that will grow faith in the soul of the needy.  The result?  You will return with a beautiful crop of souls!

So, today be reminded of the Dream Life you received from God and go forth to tell others.  Have those gospel tracts at the ready and let God love others through you today!