You Are or Will Become Like Those With Whom You Run

Psa 26:4  I have not sat with vain persons, neither will I go in with dissemblers.
Psa 26:5  I have hated the congregation of evil doers; and will not sit with the wicked.

Many years ago this truth settled in my heart and I have seen it confirmed time and again.  You are or will become those you run with.  It never turns out well for a child of God to accommodate sin to redeem those in sin.  Be accessible to the ungodly, not an accessory with them.
Today is a day you will never live again.  The Lord intends for you to rejoice and be glad as you live it out.  Because you are a child of God and therefore the enemy of spiritual wickedness in high places you will encounter many snares designed for your defeat.

Solomon told his son that if he walked with wise people he would be wise but if he chose to align himself with those who denied God’s authority he would be destroyed.  It is noteworthy that our text was written by David, Solomon’s father.  David never claimed to be sinless but he did determine to not willfully join himself with those that hate the Lord.

What does it mean to ‘hate’ the Lord?  It means to willingly transgress His moral law.  Presently our culture is infected with moral debauchery designed to destroy the foundation upon which God’s people build their life.  It might manifest itself in the homosexual agenda which has grown to include transgender and other gender dysphoric mental illnesses.  You will see it in the child abuse practiced through the grooming process of drag queen story hours and perverted drag queen shows.  It may be something so seemingly innocuous as pronoun choice.  Little by little and with increasing alacrity the moral underpinnings of our society are being destroyed.

Today, as you go out into your day resolve to do right!  Those trapped in sin do not need someone to comfort them.  They need a clarion warning of the coming judgment and a clear notice there is hope for deliverance.  Today, refuse to give quarter to a lie.  Let God be true and whatever man comes up with that counters God’s Word to be a lie.  

Be encouraged my fellow soldier of the Cross!  My oft repeated mantra is, “I’m not mad at anyone but I will not play society’s game of shunning truth.”  The victory is ours so go forth and conquer.