Importance of Godly Counsel

Est 5:14 Then said Zeresh his wife and all his friends unto him, Let a gallows be made of fifty cubits high, and to morrow speak thou unto the king that Mordecai may be hanged thereon: then go thou in merrily with the king unto the banquet. And the thing pleased Haman; and he caused the gallows to be made.

Est 6:13  …Then said his wise men and Zeresh his wife unto him, If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt not prevail against him, but shalt surely fall before him.

We are told by God on more than one occasion of the importance of counsel.  For example, hear what Solomon tells his son…

Pro 11:14  Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

These truths are no better illustrated than in the verses provided for our consideration today.

All was going well with Haman, he was second in command to the king of the largest empire in the history of mankind.  He was wealthy and worshiped by the citizenry and atop all of that had received a personal invitation from the Queen herself to a private banquet.  While leaving the palace to share the news of his personal invitation by the Queen to her private banquet he was confronted by Mordecai who would not bow to the government’s (Haman) demand.  This ruined Haman’s day and would not allow him to enjoy the end rows he had made.  Going home he called a council together comprised of the magi and chaired by his wife.  They told him what they thought he wanted to hear (Est 5:14).  Perhaps this counsel was given because of his power and wealth, and they didn’t want to fall out of favor with him.  Several hours later everything had changed.

When all his good fortune betrayed him so did his counselors.  They  turned on him like an Elm leaf in October.  A few hours ago when all was going well they were putting wind in his sails but now that things are not so inviting they betray him hoping to separate themselves from his coming judgment. His ‘loyal’ team has turned on him leaving him to fend for himself.  Of course it did not turn out well.

The sad thing of their second piece of counsel was the truth it held.  Had they been honest to begin with, perhaps Haman could have averted his judgment.  Friend, it is essential you circle yourself with a Council of Christ lovers and not a council of criminals.  Today take a look at who it is you are trusting for your counsel.