Will God Give Us a Man for Our Country?

Pro 28:2  For the transgression of a land many are the princes thereof: but by a man of understanding and knowledge the state thereof shall be prolonged. 

Having visited our nation’s capital I was in awe of the buildings, memorials, and Arlington National Cemetery. My heart stirred as I traveled the halls of the Capitol and gazed upon the statues that adorned the sidewalls. I traveled the well worn trails of our Nation’s history while recalling what made her great.

I viewed the bust of George Washington and thought of the man that couldn’t be killed at the Battle of Ft Duquesne. I then passed the portrait of President Lincoln and the statue of Ulysses Grant and rehearsed what I knew of their exploits to secure the Union at a time when it was not yet 100 years old and was threatened with dissolution. I was stirred to my soul at the rich history of our great nation.

I then left the Capitol and was confronted with a constant barrage of statements regarding our history of slavery. I discovered the spurious and perverted history book titled “The 1619 Project” was being sold at Mt Vernon and the Smithsonian. Rainbow flags adorned the streets of Washington D.C., the very town named after the man who would not allow his officers to swear in front of the soldiers as he deemed it a sign of lowness of character. "Black Lives Matter" was painted on a building outside our Bed and Breakfast and greeted us each morning. It was a conflict of emotions that tortured my heart. A nation that was truly a shining city on a hill had fallen under the influence of criminals, traitors, and perverts.

When I picked up my Bible this morning to read from its pages this was the second verse I read and I was forced to muse about its truth. Perhaps God will raise up a ‘man of understanding and knowledge’ to prolong the United States of America. As you step out into this day take time to plead with God to come to our aid and bring deliverance to our land. Ask Him to raise up a ‘man of understanding and knowledge’ that will honor His blessings and lead us to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Will God Bless America one more time?