Your Final Authority

Rom 8:31  What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

At this particular period of American history Christianity is under more assault than any time previous.  Marriage, men, women, and children share the crosshairs of demonic advances in our nation.  The cause of the advance of such ungodliness is failure on the part of God’s children to claim and act upon the authority proclaimed in His Word.  For the believer the Bible is the Final Authority.
The importance of having a final authority is the difference between advance and retreat and victory or defeat.  Everyone has a final authority and thus every nation has a final authority.  On September 11, 2001 over 2 dozen Muslim terrorists murdered over 3,000 people because of their devotion to the final authority, the Koran.  Just after the time of Christ Emperor Nero murdered thousands because of his devotion to his final authority…himself.  In America at this moment wickedness is advancing at an illogical and unreasonable pace due to the devotion of the wicked to their final authority…sexual revolution.
Those who are devoted to their final authority will overrun those who are casual adherents to a religious system.  Christianity is being led by cowards.  The Pastor of one of the largest churches in America, when confronted as to his belief in the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, replied, “I am not prepared at this time to say Christ is the only way to heaven.”  Churches across this nation, when confronted to announce their position on the LGBT agenda, have surrendered their devotion to God in favor of acceptance by society.  Now homosexuals and transgenders are being welcomed into the church body and even ordained in direct rebellion to the Bible.  Why?  Because many Christians would rather be part of the majority than be right with God.  The holiness of God is being claimed by men dressing like women or boys identifying as girls.  Why is it you never read of a girl identifying as a boy and demanding access to the boys locker room?
In our text today Paul challenges us as follows.  First, believers must realize they have to give an answer to the pressing threat of evil.  ‘These things’ are the threats and challenges being hurled at Christianity by the ungodly.  Paul tells us we have to answer this assault.  Being silent is not an option.  Whatever it might cost us pales in comparison with the glory that shall be revealed in the believer who stands for God.
Next Paul tells us why we can answer with great boldness and courage.  ‘If God be for us...’  In this passage the word ‘if’ does not mean ‘doubt or possibility.’ The syntax is a first class condition meaning the word ‘if’ holds the idea of ‘since.’  It is a statement of certainty not doubt.  In other words Paul is saying ‘since God is for us’ we will have His support in our battles against sinful debauchery.  
Today is the day for you to stand against evil when it assaults you.  Stand for God today!